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Stubble and Strife

What are beard combs and brushes?

Beard brushes and combs are specifically designed for thicker facial hair, and come in a variety of formats and materials ranging from plastic to wood and from synthetic to boar bristle.

Who are the combs and brushes for?

Beard combs and brushes are essential for men with beards longer than 2-3cm. Beard hair tends to be thicker and curlier than the hair on the head and the comb and brush become important as the hair gets longer.

Combs are really more about separating the hair – basically detangling hair. Brushes on the other hand are more about bringing the hair together – great if the beard has errant hairs poking out.

Why invest in a specific beard comb and/or brush?

Avoid cheap combs and brushes, these typically have sharp edges and imperfections created by poor finishing due to the moulds they are made in. They will cause damage to the hair characterised by thinning ends, fraying hair and split ends. They can also pull uncomfortably and may generate a static electrical charge.

Handmade beard combs and brushes are individually crafted and polished to a smooth finish. They have the ideal spacing between teeth, and use good quality materials ideal for a smoother feeling.

How to choose a beard comb and brush?

When looking for a good beard comb/brush, search for handmade ones designed by specialised brands (such as Kent). The best beard brushes and combs are the ones made with natural materials such as wood and real bristles. Great beard brushes come with the handle made of solid wood (so it won’t break easily) and the head is either made with natural firm bristles - soft or medium work best. Firm bristles control more, but can be a little more uncomfortable to use – it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Brushes cover a larger surface area than combs so are quicker to use. They release dead skin or any other dirty particles such as dust or food particles that beards tend to accumulate. However, they can also be a bit harsher than combs and strip away the natural oils from the hair, hence we recommend using beard oil.

Quality beard combs are mostly made from polycarbonates or wood. They are great at detangling hair and excel at spreading beard the oil evenly through the beard. They are easy to carry so can be used throughout the day. The plastic ones are easy to clean and do the job just fine. The wood ones do not generate static electricity, are great for sensitive skin and glide incredibly well.