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Stubble and Strife


What is beard oil?

Beard oil is specially designed to hydrate, nourish and feed the hair stands and underlying skin. It has a consistency similar to virgin olive oil although most beard oils are even lighter to the touch. It tends to be a 100% blend of essential oils, so it’s pretty punchy stuff.

Who is beard oil for?

Obviously for those that have a beard, however, beard oils really make a difference for those with a beard longer than 2cm. As the length grows the hair can weaken and the skin underneath can dry leading to “beard dandruff”. Beard oils will counter both these problems.


Why use beard oil?

Beard hair is pretty robust stuff. Exposure to environmental factors such as cold weather, hot water, air conditioning and wind can weaken the hair and dry out the underlying skin. Beard oil is made from essential oils so has very strong moisturising properties, the oil is able to get into the hair shaft and work down to the skin and counter the environmental damage.

Beard oil is easily absorbed by the skin and replenishes the natural oils that the skin loses. It also contains several nutrients to keep your beard healthy, such as Vitamin A, B, D and E – depending on the exact essential oils.


How pick beard oil?

Beard oils are composed of a blend of essential oils. These essential oils fall into two categories, carrier oils and essential oils. The carrier oils make up the bulk of the blend, but the essential oils add key nutrients and the fragrance.

Both are extracted from natural sources (wood, flowers, trees, leaves, fruits, among others) and the price of the beard oil will vary depending on the source of the oil plus the way it is extracted and its level of purity.

Look for jojoba, almond and coconut oils, although if the skin is sensitive opt for grape seed oils and avoid citrus derived oils.