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Stubble and Strife

What is beard soap, shampoo and conditioner?

Beard soap and beard shampoo (or wash, as some prefer to call it) do exactly the same thing which is clean the beard.

Beard conditioner softens the beard making it easier to manage and comb.

Who's beard soap/shampoo and conditioner for?

Anyone with a beard longer than 2 cm.  

Standard hair shampoo should not be used for the beard as it is formulated differently. Beard hair is coarser and the skin underneath more sensitive, so the wrong shampoo will dry the beard and skin and strip out the natural oils.

Conditioning is essential too. We think good beard oil after the shampooing works wonders to keep the skin and beard healthy; however some men don’t like the oiliness of beard oil and prefer the more neutral conditioner. 

Why use it?

The fact that the beard is so close to the mouth and nose means debris and bacteria can collect in the beard if it is not washed periodically. Aim to wash it every day or two with a shampoo, unless you have sensitive skin, in which case 2-3 times a week should be fine.