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Stubble and Strife

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Fix my...Greasy Skin

Often, more is better but that's NOT the case with greasy or oily skin. Unfortunately, gents have it worse than the ladies. Here's why.Both sexes have sebaceous glands. These gnarly-sounding structures are actually only trying to do good. Their oily secretions, called “sebum”, protect hair and skin by keeping them moisturised. In guys, one of [...]

Fix my...Shaving Spots

OK, listen up. We're putting an end to everyone's whinging about their shaving spots (or shaving bumps). This article is going to explain EXACTLY what you need to do to get rid of any shaving spots you currently have and prevent relapses. So, keep your "minces" peeled.Cleaning up your act You can't shave if [...]

​Charging Your Glasses with a Tonic

One thing that surely feels good is a soft beard. To help your beard out, the Dr K Soap Company offers a handmade, all-natural Beard Tonic. This particular tonic is a blend of ingredients such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil. But, it got us wondering, what’s a tonic?Recently, Gary Oldman was talking about [...]

​Moustaches: A Laughing Matter?

We are wondering, how many moustache styles are there? We're not quite sure since new ones are being added all the time. Wikipedia, using information from sources such as the World Beard and Moustache Championships, puts the number at around 20. But back to moustache styles. It seems that many people draw conclusions about the wearer [...]

World Cup Whiskers

A group calling themselves “The Beard Liberation Front” believes that a sportsman who has facial hair might have an “aero-dynamic advantage on the field of play” (quoted from Inside Left). The group claims that beards, for example, can influence the direction of air currents, and thus, the direction of the ball. So let's put their theory to the [...]

​Beards in the Library

It's time for a chin wag about chin hair. These whiskers seem to have a prominent place in literature. We'll begin with three famous brothers.Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!Somehow, it escaped my notice that pigs have any sort of beard at all! However, these three famous piglets swore by theirs. Now [...]

The Twists and Twirls

Most guys agree that figuring out what their “twists and twirls” want drives them round the bend. Take facial hair, for instance. What do ladies prefer when it comes to beards, moustaches, “elegant stubble”, etc.?A recent article in The Guardian addressed this very question. It seems that a trio of researchers “down under” in New South [...]

Aerodynamic Whiskers

Cyclists work hard to shave off as much time as possible when training and competing – even nanoseconds count. So, in response to a question about beard aerodynamics, Specialized Bikes devoted one of their “Wind Tunnel” segments to finding out more. The “lab rat”, Joe was willing to sacrifice his lush beard and moustache for the sake [...]

​Beard Language

If people can “speak” with their bodies, can they do the same with their beards? Most of us are familiar with body language, that is “communicating” through the use of gestures and other physical movements. So, is there “beard language”?Looking at idioms and proverbs can give us some clues as to whether people see beards as “telling” us [...]

Oyez, Oyez! Whisker-Lovers Step On Up

Do you have (or like to look at) unique, luxurious, or quirky beards and moustaches? Then, this competition might be just the ticket.Saturday, September 13 the Bath Pavilion will host the 2014 British Beard and Moustache Championships.Open to all facial hair owners and fans, not only Brits, this event is sure to be eye-catching!With over 10 categories, the British Beard and Moustache Championships [...]