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Stubble and Strife

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Eradicating Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff can be an embarrassing  thing every bearded man fears. No one wants to see their well-manicured beard littered with specks of white flakes, let alone see them dropping off the chin; but how do we deal with this issue? First let’s look at the cause of beard dandruff – beard dandruff or pityriasis is caused by [...]

Goatee Technique - Trimmers and Razors

Looking for that sharp edge? Looking for a blade to cut in that goatee. Getting it right says a lot about you - a man of detail, a man with with deft hands. So you have a couple of tools can use. There the trusty razor, i.e. the multi-blade ones with the security of knowing you [...]

How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Who wants to turn up for an interview, a business meeting or even date with razor bumps all over their face? Absolutely no one! The truth is the quality of your shave can be the difference between getting the bumps or not. Some guys are more prone to it than others and they tend to pop [...]

How to shave - 4 Steps to the Perfect 3 Minute Wet Shave

Step 1 - Soften the Stubble To prepare the skin for a smooth shave, always shave after or in the shower. This will soften the stubble and open the pores. No time for a hot shower, then a face towel with a splash of hot water can work too. It takes about 2 minutes for the hair to soften. Pre-shave [...]

Razors – The End of the Evolutionary Road?

So you’re a man, and razors are part of everyday life for you. Apparently you spend an astronomical five months of your life shaving. And this has been going on for millennia, from Neanderthal man to the iPhone toting modern man, shaving has a fascinating evolutionary story, but have we reached the end of it? For the adventurous among [...]

Silver Fox or Not

There is nothing like a well groomed beard that portrays rugged masculinity, maturity and that Victorian cool that seems to be so en-vogue now - just take a glance at the cast of Mr Selfridge.  However for some, the beard is indicator of age and greying beards are inevitably associated with ageing. Sometimes this works and adds a [...]