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Stubble and Strife

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Goatee Technique - Trimmers and Razors

Looking for that sharp edge? Looking for a blade to cut in that goatee. Getting it right says a lot about you - a man of detail, a man with with deft hands. 

So you have a couple of tools can use. There the trusty razor, i.e. the multi-blade ones with the security of knowing you wont cut yourself very easily, but difficult to get edges with and cut in. However, I think its better use a trimmer to start off with, use it to cut in the edges. Go with a light trimmer with a narrow head - we like the WAHLs - something easy to move around your face. Rechargeable works best to stop the cord getting in the way. Invest in a good one, professional grade ones are best in the long run.

Once you cut in the goatee, and trim it, then turn to the single edge razor - the cut throat variety -  for that really sharp look. It takes some practice but produces a really sharp edge to the goatee. Be careful to focus on cutting stubble and go gentle, avoid digging it into the skin.

Finish off with a post shave lotion or balm to calm and soothe the skin.

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