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Stubble and Strife

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How to Prevent Razor Bumps

Who wants to turn up for an interview, a business meeting or even date with razor bumps all over their face? Absolutely no one! The truth is the quality of your shave can be the difference between getting the bumps or not. Some guys are more prone to it than others and they tend to pop up in that sensitive area around the neck.

So what causes them? In essence, if the stubble is cut too short the hair shaft gets trapped under a thin layer of skin that quickly grows over the top. The hair - particularly if its curly - starts to grow underneath the skin and push the skin up into a bump. Eventually the hair will pop through and the bump will disappear. Sometimes the pore gets infected too. Overall bad news, and drives a lot of men to just grow a beard.

So number one rule - don't shave against the grain. If your stubble grows downwards, then don't shave upwards. I know it's not quite as close a shave, but if you are prone to the dreaded bumps then compromises are inevitable.  Rule number two, use a sharp fresh razor to slice the hair shaft cleanly, giving it the best chance of pushing through the pore and piercing back through the skin.

You can use a face scrub a few times a week to shed away old skin, so there's less for the shaft to fight through. Add and alum bar, to help infections. Tea tree oil also works well. 

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