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Stubble and Strife

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How to … Shape a Beard

October is almost over, finishing with Halloween Friday. This day will see many donning a variety of fancy dress beards. Great for celebrations but not what you want people to be thinking with regard to your whiskery pride and joy.

Shaping a beard is both general and specific. There are some guidelines no matter which type of whiskers you want. Then, there are other tips depending on your specific facial hair.

General Guidelines

1. The very first trim of a new beard should only be done after a week or so. This gives the hair time to grow out to the point where you have something substantial to shape.

2. Trim your beard when it is dry. Wet hair does not look or “sit” the same as dry hair. What may have seemed splendid when wet may be horrific when dry.

3. Between trimmings, keep your beard clean and moisturised. Dirt and dead skin cells often collect in whiskers. Not only does this affect the appearance, it is also unhealthy for the skin. Also, all facial hair tends to “suck” moisture away from the skin. This causes over-drying and can lead to skin issues. As you can see here, there are a variety of quality cleansing and moisturising products which do not require a bank loan.

4. It is recommended to brush or comb your beard every day to keep it organized and free of debris.

Specific Tips

Many experts recommend investing in a good barber for a proper trim and shaping. However, depending on the complexity of your beard, and your “shearing” skills, there is no reason not to DIY it.

This recent item from The Telegraph sums it all up nicely. In addition to the blah, blah, they've got a video from London master barber Alex Glover. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words – perhaps more in this case. It's most worthwhile to have a goosey here.

In addition, we offer the following professional pointers:

  • don't overdo, keeping hair longer rather than shorter – it's easier to fix one's mistakes
  • to maintain an even trim, do one side at a time, beginning at the 
    ear and moving down towards the chin
  • reminding all bushy-bearded wearers – trim around the mouth as needed else the trapped food creates an unsightly (and nasally unpleasant) situation.

Lastly, be a gentleman and clean out the sink after your trim. Bits of hair awaiting the next user are not endearing. You'll gain points for caring.


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