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Stubble and Strife

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How to shave - 4 Steps to the Perfect 3 Minute Wet Shave

Step 1 - Soften the Stubble

To prepare the skin for a smooth shave, always shave after or in the shower. This will soften the stubble and open the pores. No time for a hot shower, then a face towel with a splash of hot water can work too. It takes about 2 minutes for the hair to soften. Pre-shave products help prepare the stubble and face for the shave.

Step 2 - Lubricate the Stubble

Wet the face with water - this is key. To the wet face, apply shave product and work into the face. If you have time use a shave cream with a brush which helps to massage the face and lift the hair, or if in a hurry, just work the shave cream into the stubble with the hands. Shave products such as shave foam, gel, soap or cream help give a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Step 3 - Shave the Stubble

A sharp blade is critical to avoid scratching the skin and avoiding razor burn. Pull taut the area to be shaved with one hand and shave with the other in short strokes. No need to press hard, let the blade do its work by gliding across the skin. Rinse clear hair from the blade often. Always shave with the grain. Many different razors are avaliable: multiblade, double edged (DE) or single edged (cut-throat).

Step 4 - Soothe the Face

Rinse off with cool water to close the pores to avoid shaving spots. Apply a good after-shave lotion or balm to help soothe and calm the skin. This will prevent redness, spots and ingrown hairs. Avoid products with alcohol which will dry out the skin or cause stinging.

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