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Stubble and Strife

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Silver Fox or Not

There is nothing like a well groomed beard that portrays rugged masculinity, maturity and that Victorian cool that seems to be so en-vogue now - just take a glance at the cast of Mr Selfridge. 

However for some, the beard is indicator of age and greying beards are inevitably associated with ageing. Sometimes this works and adds a little silver-fox flair and depth to an otherwise monochrome thatch of chin hair. However there comes a time when too many grey hairs will start to dominate the chin. At this stage most men might start to panic, but why panic when there's lot's of beard colouring products to reach for. Apparently, they are the third most sold grooming products to men, after shaving and deodorants.

There are natural beard colouring products like henna - which can look a little ginger brown, permanent beard colouring products like JustForMen - which works surprisingly well, and if you are not sure whether you want your beard to be coloured permanently then there are temporary beard colouring products too, for example Clairol for Men Natural Instincts. How about those men that have sensitive skin? Well there are also beard colouring products for sensitive skin, RefectoCil comes to mind.

Whichever option you pick, the key is to get the colour right  - if you want to recapture a touch of your youthfulness then the best beard colour is one that complements the hair on your head. The secret is not to go too aggressive with the colour for that over-dyed look, so ensure you choose a product that has a variety of shades to choose from and use a brush to pick out few strands of hair to apply the colour to. And follow the mantra: less is more.

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