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Stubble and Strife

Edwin Jagger Set - Shaving Brush, DE Razor, Stand - Ivory & Chrome

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Product Description

A stylish Edwin Jagger set in ivory-colour and chrome.

The set includes a double-edged, safety razor (DE for short), a soft, badger-hair brush and a chrome plated stand.

The razor: The razor is DE86, which means it is medium weighted and the smooth ivory-coloured handle will sit with a nice well balanced feel in your hand. When shaving there is a good balance between the head of the handle, the head is weighty enough to trim your hairs with minimum effort yet not so heavy you're likely to cut yourself. 

The brush: The brush is 100% badger hair, meaning it's incredibly soft on your face and will work up a great lather with your shaving soap.

The stand: This keeps your razor off the bathroom shelf and clean and hygienic. It also lets you dry your brush naturally by hanging it upside down, like a bat.

This set is all imitation ivory, meaning that no animals were harmed during the making of this product.

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