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Stubble and Strife

Our Responsibility

As founders of Stubble and Strife, we believe that we have a moral obligation to steward the resources of the planet. There is no responsible way of creating products than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. For us, there’s inspiration in nature and the spirit of adventure only lives in a planet abundant with natural resources.  We are committed to sustainable growth. We built Stubble and Strife on these principles and they guide everything we do.

Our Strategy

Our strategy to achieve sustainability is based on:

Conducting our activities in a manner that minimises our impact on the environment, reduces pollution and supports stewardship of the planet, people and natural resources.

  • Integrating sustainable development principles into our products and internal processes.
  • Selecting suppliers based on their own environmental credentials and commitment to sustainable operations, and supporting local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Acting honestly and ethically in all our business activities with suppliers, customers and the public. 

Our Environmental Policy

It is our policy to:

Reduce packaging and waste through the development of innovative products and services and avoiding the use of direct mail and unnecessary promotional items

  • Recycle wherever possible and make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy, water and other natural resources
  • Reduce our office carbon emissions and purchase paper products from recycled or FSC managed resources
  • Minimise unnecessary business travel and use public transport where possible
  • Be fully committed to the prevention of injury and ill health to employees and visitors, whilst striving to improve health and safety performance
  • Develop and maintain systems and procedures to ensure that all equipment, plant and premises are safe and do not have an adverse effect on health
  • Proactively identify hazards and reduce Health & Safety risks to as low a level as possible
  • Raise awareness and encourage participation of employees and suppliers in environmental and health & safety matters
  • Set objectives to continually improve our environmental and health and safety performance
  • Understand and comply with health, safety and environmental regulations that apply to our activities

All staff are trained and on the policy and expected to adhere to it. Contracted staff and suppliers are made aware of the policy and their obligation to act safely and responsibly while working on behalf of Stubble and Strife.

The founders of Stubble and Strife are responsible for ensuring adherence to this policy throughout our business.