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Stubble and Strife


What is moustache wax?

Moustache wax is a stiff wax typically made from beeswax. It’s the perfect tool to shape the moustache and keep whiskers in place for the day. Although primarily used as a “hold” product, it is often blended with essential oils and can therefore provide nutrients to the skin and whiskers.

Who is the moustache wax for?

Moustache wax is for those that want to keep whiskers away from the mouth or style the moustache into distinct shapes. It can be used to curl the ends up for the British Army look or drive out the whiskers to the side for the caddish look.

How to choose the right moustache wax?

Moustache waxes come in three different strengths: soft, medium or strong/firm. Your choice will depend on a few factors: how thick your hair is, how long the hair is, and the aggressiveness of the style you want to hold. Bearing in mind that no wax will work on a very stubbly moustache, it is best used for moustaches that have strands of half centimetre or longer. Softer waxes will work on thin hair of medium length, firmer/stronger waxes if the hairs are thicker or curly ends are desired. Firm/strong/hard waxes tend to hold better in humid weather too. Finding the right one is a little bit of trial and error, so pick a few and test them out before settling on one.

Finally, when buying for the first time, try to resist the temptation to buy a wax with a strong fragrance – it will after all be right under your nose.