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Stubble and Strife


What is shave cream?

Shaving cream (which is different to gel, soap or foam) is a lubricant to aid the glide of the razor across the skin. It produces a rich creamy  lather for a smooth shave. Very similar to soaps, they both emulsify with water and air to whip-up into a lather to provide cushion to the razor.

Creams are very popular and are generally made from natural ingredients. They are typically packaged in plastic tubes or tubs so are good for travel. They tend to have strong natural fragrances derived from essential oils.

The creams can be applied with the fingers, but a lather with the consistency of whipped eggs can be generated with a shave brush.


Who is the shave cream for?

Shaving cream is a great move up from foams and gels and is considered a better quality product because it contains less synthetic material. They’re also great for men with sensitive skin – although best to select the ones marked “sensitive” - because they contain less fragrance - a problem for sensitive skin.

If you’re moving to the traditional shaving process, creams are a good option as they do not dry as quickly as shave soap.


Why use shave cream?

Investing in a good quality shave cream can be as important as using a sharp razor blade. We recommend you to stay away from shaving gels and foams sold in an aerosol cans. They are built to a price point and typically contain alcohol and rely on chemicals to produce a lather that doesn’t last very long, and can cause skin irritation, razor burn and dry skin.

Shaving creams use natural ingredients that are less drying. They soften your facial hair (which helps blades last longer) and provide good glide and cushioning.


How to choose the right shave cream?

When choosing your shaving cream, go for a reputable brand. Then select a fragrance that you like, citrus fragrances are fresh, woody fragrances are more warm. If you want a light fragrance then “Sensitive” shave creams are best.

There really isn't difference between shaving creams in a tube or tub- it just depends on your needs. The tub is easier if you are using a brush, as you can easily dip in the brush into the tub. The tube is more practical if you are not using a brush (as you can simply put it in the palm of your hand), if you are traveling or if you want to be more precise with the quantity you use.