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Stubble and Strife


What is shave oil?

A shave oil is an alternative to the lathering products like creams, foams, gels and soaps.

It has a consistency similar to light olive oil but is usually made from a blend of essential oils, and works by being mixed with water on the face. This provides a slippery layer for the razor to glide over.

Shave oils vary in price and the greater the grade of essential oils, the higher the price.


Why use shave oil?

Shave oils are really easy to apply, simply a case of a 5-6 drops in the palm and then on to a wet face. Ideal for those that want to shave without much fuss. Great for those that need to cut around goatees and moustaches, because the oil is clear, it’s very easy to see where you are shaving or cutting in.

They condition the skin too, the oil remains on the skin for longer than other products so continue to condition the skin long after the shave.

For those with sensitive skin, oils are fantastic; they do not contain synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrances are the number one cause of sensitivity.

They come in small bottles so great for travel too.